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Miami Design District Free Concert

Miami’s Design District evening 05. 12. 2017 - Palm Court… first timer…

The Activity

The final free pop-up concert by the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) at the Palms Court; it’s a community event that gathers grownups and kids in an open plaza where they enjoy a live performance in the heart of Miami’s Design District.

The Space & backstory

The setting was beautiful, an outdoor plaza in between palm trees surrounded by high-end stores. The plaza was created by SB Architects in collaboration with Dacra. Dacra is a real estate company that gathers the team players to transform buildings using architecture, art design and cultural programs to create international destination spots. SB Architects, is an internationally acclaimed firm with a local office in Miami, in the cusp of transforming the Miami Design district into a new community. The Palm Court is the first phase of the Design District’s expansion to increase the retail and commercial presence in the area. They designed 45-foot façades stores that serve as the backdrop to the area. The highlight is a recreation of a Buckminster fuller’s eye dome, it provides a focal point and a stage for the Orchestra in between the crowd. The seating arrangements were to the north and west side of the dome in between the palm trees. The place exudes elegance and modernism. - Side note I am happy to add that the architects made green rooftops for nearly every structure, and the projects was designed for LEED Certification. (LEED Certification is an Energy and Environmental Design certification focused primarily on new commercial-building projects). Thinking of the future!!!!

When to go

Christa H.

The Miami Design district offers several venues, that include the Palms Court. The events are posted on their website under Events & Calendar (Link found below). I encourage you to visit their site and browse their selection. I am happy to say I am already going for a different function next week. -Dinner booked, friend invited, all set!

My experience

The event was supposed to start at 5 pm, I know crazy…. My plan was to be there an hour early, but I ended up arriving at 4:45 pm. My best friend and me, were lucky to have found the valet booth with ease, as we weren’t familiar with parking in the area this was a great solution 5$ for the 3 hours we were there. I left my keys and ran in, we were stopped by other friends who were also attending. It’s crazy the number of Venezuelans that live in Miami, and more so to unexpectedly run into childhood friends you haven’t seen in a good decade so far from home…After a quick polite chat we went to explore what seats were still available. The organizers provide a good number of chairs but they are “first come first serve”. I was happy to see that there were still some left, almost all the seats in the sun were free and couple of scattered ones in the shade. As the night set it more families arrived and they casually picked spots on the open floor.

The Team

Palm trees

After settling in my friend got us some wine at one of the neighboring restaurant "Estefan Kitchen”, and now we were officially ready to listen to some amazing music. Eduardo Marturet the Orchestra conductor opened by dedicating the performance to Venezuela's peace and stability, his home country. In its honor, they began with typical Venezuelan songs. The program was diverse and refreshing. Performances by: Radio personality and TV host Raul Gonzalez performing on the typewriter of author Delia Fiallo. Solo whistler Riuben Frómeta. Solo violinist Daniel Andai and of course the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO).

Venezuelan Songs

Classical Songs

What I brought

This time I didn’t bring wine as the pictures I saw online prior to my visit weren’t very descriptive of this kind of preparation… Next time I do plan to bring refreshments, glasses and a fan, it was hot!

Other visits

As I previously mentioned the Miami Design District’s website offers and array of cultural events. I will be attending the “Creative minds talk” Daniel Libeskind in conversation with John Stuart in May.

A little more about my logistics

Parking… there is street parking and convenient capable valet companies, which is what I ended up using "Amerikpark"

Restrooms... there are public restrooms easily located at the plaza, and many restaurants walking distance.


Arrive a minimum 15 mins early.

Make dinner reservations before, the restaurants get very busy during the weekend.


More links.....


140 NE 39th ST, Miami, FL 33137


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