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9 things to pack to ICELAND…

Packing is always a hard task to get done and a frequent one we procrastinate on. But when you decide on taking a trip that is out of your comfort zone between activities, weather and culture it pays to do some research on what to expect. Here is a list of items I compiled for you to take on your trip to Iceland.

  1. Layers

  2. Bathing suit

  3. Raincoat

  4. Hiking shoes

  5. Comfortable pants

  6. Winter clothes

  7. Night outfit

  8. Backpack

  9. Water Bottle


Layers: the weather can change drastically so you need to have the flexibility and adapt to the changes.

Bathing suit: there are tons of natural hot springs and geothermal pools, not to mention your must-visit to the “blue lagoon spa”.

Raincoat: The weather is constantly changing, and you will also visit many waterfalls and wet areas.

Hiking shoes: the dramatic terrain requires specific footwear, and it’s where you will be most of your trip. Pack proper shoes to keep you from sliding off rocks or damaging your go-to sneakers. ⠀

Comfortable pants: the main destinations tend be far from each other, therefore you are either in the car for long periods of time, or out trekking.

Winter clothes: the temperature is known to drop even in the summer and go as far as snowing.

Night outfit: even though your day activities require tough sport clothes, nightlife in Reykjavik tends to be on the sophisticated side, and many local favorites enforce a dress code.

Backpack: even if you keep things in your rented car, you will still need some essentials while exploring.

Water Bottle: hmmm ‘cause hydration.

Pro tip:

Pack your shampoo, conditioner and soap for the blue lagoon.  The water is filled with minerals that leave your hair and skin sticky.

Go prepared; shopping in Iceland is very costly. Iceland is by far one of the most expensive places that I have visited.

My personal fails and success…


Fail: I arrived at the airport and the temperature had dropped to 10 degrees Celsius, I was unprepared, freezing and with no desire to leave the airport. Does anyone remember the movie “Cool Runnings”?

Success: I packed my cousin’s hiking boots, so I was set, and I had a good grip moving around the different landscapes. I also was confident to explore, as opposed to my travel partners that brought gym sneakers and casual shoes.

Fail: After researching a cool cocktail bar where the locals drank, we learned that my friends very accepted sneakers in Berlin didn’t make the cut for Icelandic standards. We were told we could only visit the bar early before locals arrived.

Success: The backpack was a life saver on our daily excursions.  Aside from having my electronics and other essentials on hand, it was even more useful when I needed to pack a change of clothing for the snorkeling activity and the blue lagoon spa.

Fail: I didn’t know about the blue lagoon water properties or their effect on my skin and hair. I wish I had packed shampoo and conditioner, because after the dip my hair was in a knot for the rest of the day.

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