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A little about me...

I was born in Maracaibo Venezuela to a conservative catholic family. I never learned any other religion or way of life than the one we had, so experiencing different cultures is fascinating to me. During my teenage years I did all the sports and activities I could try, and my mom could take me too. Poor her she was driving me all over the city. I grew up in a third world country were public transportation and walking weren’t options, you were forced to wait to be driven everywhere. That is why, I love visiting big cities where I can take public transport and walk. It makes me feel free.

I graduated from architecture school in 2008, got married, moved to the USA, attended grad school, got divorced, stayed in the USA and found love again.

In Miami I reconnected with a friend from boarding school, and later attended her wedding in Guatemala. This was the first trip I ever organized and paid for on my own. I was so proud. I continued reinventing myself, I started playing rugby and working full time as an interior designer for yachts. I had been working non-stop without a clue I could afford to travel again. That is when it clicked, I was going to live life as it could change in a blink of an eye, because it had. I was spinning for a year between 2011 to 2013.  

After I decided to travel again a friend invited me to a rugby  game at the Rugby World Cup in the UK, I said yes! without hesitating. And when my friend  asked if I was you sure. I said even if I get fired, I am going! It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The next day I opened a travel credit card and made sure to get the bonus sign up miles to afford my ticket to Europe. The trip was amazing! But it wasn’t an easy relaxing one, in one week I changed my accomodations 3 times, but I saw it all. In 10 days, I visited 3 cities, made friends, explored London one of the best cities in the world and attended an international sports event with one of my closet’s friends. And all within my budget.

My trip to the UK got me started with my travel buzz, I had to see more. I decided to travel at least 2 weeks every year, but that snowballed into small weekend getaways and a monster trip to Iceland. After that my friends kept asking me about my trips and then for a blog to follow my adventures. That is when the travel blogging journey began.

I didn’t know what travel blogging meant, and I wasn’t used to publicly sharing my life and whereabouts, so I had to learn what was social media and how it worked. And I am still learning :) I started posting only in English and now I post in Spanish as well to reach the Latin American countries that gave me my first home. It has been a long road but a fascinating one.

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