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"In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take" #Pushingforadventure

My Carpe Diem

People travel to escape, relax, or simply just to change the scenery. So do I. I just love going deeper and seeing how other people enjoy life. I try to cover the popular pleasures-tourist sights and the hidden local gems. Exploring is one of my favorite passions, its the easiest and fastest way to experience culture and education. It hits you like a wave. Before I venture off I invest many hours into learning about my destination, from documentaries, books, & friends, covering from museums, cuisine, customs, music and fashion. The research became such a fun part of the trip that perfecting it became my challenge. I founded the Clever Traveler with a mission to give insight into how I believe traveling with knowledge transforms the journey, making them grander experiences.

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